Sublimation transfer papers

We produce sublimation transfers for production of high quality sublimation products.   Our color matching is superb.  We have 2 methods of producing the transfers.

1.  Digitally - Digital printers are for short runs.  They are great for variable data, (every print can be different).

There is a relatively short setup time but they are very slow.    They are limited by width but not by length.  For instance if you have a 44" wide machine you can produce a print 44" wide by 300+" long.  Paper & ink  are expensive so when the quantities increase it becomes less cost effective than litho.

2.  Litho - Litho presses are used for printing long runs. They print very fast and can print excellent quality. They are limited by print size and a high setup cost.  Variable printing is not possible so each print will be the same.

For litho sublimation printing the larger the press the more expensive the transfer papers.  Therefore at we offer a variety of sizes.

For Litho you want to layout your art for the smallest size press your designs will fit on.

Layout is very important on a Litho Press.  You might want to email us with low-res comps of your layout before you submit the design to  This will help us anticipate any possible problems before we go on press.


----- Digital Printing ----

Our machines are 44" wide.  You can print 44" x whatever.

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----- Litho Presses in 4 sizes -----

UP TO   19" X 27.5" Image area
UP TO    27" x 39.5" Image area
UP TO    42" x 62" Image area
UP TO    53" x 75" Image area