File Preparation

Please set up your files in the Mac format if possible. Send us your files on  CD, DVD or use our FTP.

Be sure to include on the disk:

1. Layout file (Indesign, etc.).

2. All fonts. It is a good idea to convert all your fonts to outlines (paths), as this will reduce possible problems.

3. Graphic files (TIFF, EPS, PSD, PDF etc).

4. If you are trying to match any PMS color or company corporate colors, be sure to send us any swatches or samples. Remember, though, we can only mix colors using the limited number of dyes. Include some sort of guide to let us know what and where PMS colors are trying to be obtained.

5. Please send us a hard copy if at all possible. It is preferable to have a color proof at swop standards that has been okayed by you or your customer.


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