Quotes via Email
For Quotes email us at mike@sublimate-it.com

Uploading small jobs via Email
For small files (up to 5mb) please send them to us via email at graphics@sublimate-it.comPlease compress all files using zipit or stuffit, etc.

Mail or Fed Ex etc.
Please gather graphic, font and layout files, Copy to a CD or DVD.

Address Info:
Please email us at info@sublimate-it.com to obtain our physical address information.

Payment Info:
To make a down-payment or final payment please click here

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Upload to our FTP site
Host:               sublimate-it.com
Userid:            ftp-guest
Password:      ftpuser

Using Fetch on a Macintosh

Using CuteFtp on an IBM

Using a browser can be very tricky for FTP sites so we recommend using FTP software.